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Manual QA

During the course, you'll learn basic concepts of testing. As a quality assurance engineer you’ll explore the principles of working with Agile and Waterfall methodologies, will have a complete insight into the stages and types of testing and will apply that knowledge to software testing. The course program has been based on the requirements of leading IT companies, which will help you in your future employment.



3 months



Course Format

Offline or online


6 hours/week


69,000 AMD/month

Experienced Lecturers

Learn from industry experts!

Get practical knowledge from those who successfully work in the industry.

Well-structured curriculum

Our curriculum specialists work on providing a program with a clear path and necessary theoretical information.


Vardan Mangasaryan

Senior QA Automation Engineer at ServiceTitan


Ani Galstyan

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at SoftConstruct


Mariam Gharibyan

Quality Assurance Engineer at Krisp


Andranik Tovmasyan

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems


Mariam Vlasyan

Quality Assurance Specialist at Insource


Vahram Tonoyan

Software Test Engineer at Energize Global Services


Nairuhi Khachatryan

QA Engineer at Webb Fontaine

Study Program

The quality of our courses is based on the structural organization of the lesson process: theoretical and practical lessons, homework, out-of-class communication with the lecturer.


During the lectures, students get theoretical knowledge, get acquainted with new technologies and working methodologies and discuss the materials.


During the seminars, the students implement the knowledge they received in the theoretical classes. The tutors provide individualized support to each student discussing the problems they encountered.


We are ready to provide comprehensive information about the courses, present their features and possible perspectives, and help you make a final decision. Throughout the admission and study process, the students will be in touch with the course coordinator.

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Introduction to the IT Industry

How do IT companies work. Company structure, roles, and responsibilities of different actors within the company.

Introduction to Agile

What is Agile, what are the benefits of working in an Agile model

Introduction to Scrum

Events and processes within Agile software development and Scrum

Quality Engineering in agile development

What is the role of the QA Engineer during the development and various events.

What is Software Development Life Cycle

What is Software Testing Life

Introduction to Functional and Non Functional testing

Testing Types

What is a Test Plan Document - its purpose and structure

Introduction to Product Requirement

Introduction to Product Requirement/Specifications and User Stories - what are they being used for and how do Quality Engineers encounter these documents

What is a Test Case document

What is a Test Case document: What is it used for, its structure, nuances?

How to write good and quality Test Cases

How to write good and quality Test Cases based on User Stories

Test metrics and Test reporting

Test metrics and Test reporting used within the development and testing cycles

What is a bug

How to handle and report bugs

The life cycle of bugs

The life cycle of bugs: From opening the bug to closing it within the development of a product.

Introduction to Test management tools

JIRA / Confluence / TestRail etc.

End to End testing of real-life projects


Working with XML and JSON files. What are these and how can you encounter them during the testing.


HTTP requests and introduction to API testing

Working with Google Chrome development tools

End of course Test Exam

QA Interview

How to ace a QA Interview: How to approach a testing interview, commonly asked questions, and what are Hiring Managers looking for.
Anna Sayadyan

Anna Sayadyan

Quality Assurance Engineer at Digitain Armenia

My professional success story begins with ACA, as here is where the groundwork for my new career was laid. The course featured the study of practical tools, which encompassed both theoretical and practical information. The mentor, Mariam, led the courses with a casual approach, which aided the accessible acquisition of knowledge. I started working as a quality assurance engineer at Digitain Armenia a few months after finishing the training.

Diana Grigoryan

Diana Grigoryan

QA Engineer at Brainstorm Technologies

The Manual QA course from ACA provides the knowledge required for success in that profession. During the lessons, material for practical work was distributed, which was then thoroughly studied and interpreted. Theoretical knowledge is therefore enhanced and made more understandable. Due to the specified lecture content and direct lesson structure, there are no unanswered questions at the end of each topic. I'm sure that ACA's Manual QA course was the best start for me to acquire a new profession and find a job in a new field.


3 months



Course Format:

Offline or online


6 hours weekly


69,000 AMD/month



Frequently Asked Questions

I am not specialized in the IT industry, but I want to switch to a tech profession. Can I attend the courses?

Of course, you can! The courses in the "Introduction" section are intended for beginners. You can register for the courses, or get individual advice on choosing a profession.

How can I join the courses?

The stages of participation are as follows:
- Register for the relevant course through the website, after which you will receive an email with information about the next stages;
- Participate in exam and interview stages;
- Get involved in the course.

How long will it take to receive information about the examination results?

You will receive an e-mail about your results within a week following the test. In case of not receiving any, please check the "Spam" section as well.

What if I could not pass the course exam?

You can register through the website for a consultation, and our specialist will help you choose a course.

How much do the courses cost?

You can find out all the information about the projects on the course pages.

At the end of which courses will you help to find a job?

- You will receive employment assistance taking part in Bootcamps, which don't require any upfront fees;
- In the framework of cooperation with leading tech companies, we regularly organize trainings and internships;
- After successfully finishing the "Profession" courses, we send the CVs of the best students to the partner organizations.

Do you have any individual lessons?

We only organize group lessons at ACA, during which the participants are having discussions, team projects are implemented, as a result of which students acquire team work skills.

Is English required to participate the courses?

The lessons are conducted in Armenian, but the terminology, literature and other resources are mainly in English.

Are the courses held online or offline?

The course format depends on nature of the course: we are organizing online, offline and hybrid courses.

Do you have an age restriction?

There is no age restriction for participating in the courses. People of all ages, including high school students and adults, study at ACA.