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Introduction to Data Analytics

This course is a great opportunity to start your career in Data Analytics. You’ll learn to manipulate and prepare data for analysis, complete analysis and calculations using SQL, Python and Power BI, apply statistics and probability to real-world scenarios, create visualizations for data exploration. After the course you will have an immersive understanding of the practices and processes used by a junior or associate data analyst in their day-to-day job.



4 months



Course Format

Offline or online


5 hours/week


69,000 AMD/month

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Hayk Danielyan

Data Engineer at Questrade Financial Group


Arsen Beglaryan

BI/Data Analyst at Softconstruct


Armine Danielyan

Data Analysis Unit Manager at Digitain


Samvel Gharibyan

Senior Data Analyst at Sololearn


Davit Minasyan

Growth Data Analyst at Mamble


Martin Varzhapetyan

Business/Data Analyst at James Edition

Study Program

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  1. What is Data Analytics?
  2. Introduction to data and it’s different fields
  3. The relationships between Data Analytics, Engineering and Science
  4. Data career paths


  1. Databases and basic manipulation with data
  2. Introduction to SQL
  3. SQL basic commands
  4. SQL built in functions and subqueries
  5. SQL joins and unions
  6. SQL Advanced functionality


  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Python fundamentals and basic commands
  3. Python main data types
  4. Conditional and loops
  5. Working with Python libraries

Power BI (replaceable with Tableu)

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Power query editor
  3. Power BI Desktop overview
  4. Data modeling and filter flow

Data Normalization

  1. Data normalization, star and snowflake schemas
  2. Dimensions and fact tables
  3. Table relationships, primary and foreign keys


  1. Data exploration, research and analysis
  2. Data visualization, insights and presentation
Ani Mayilyan

Ani Mayilyan

Operations Analyst @ Praemium

The Data Analytics Course organized by Armenian Code Academy provides all the basic knowledge and technical skills of this highly demanded profession. Our trainer focused on analysis and calculations using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, SQL, and Python programming language. Also we have been able to visualize and present data with Power BI - one of the commonly used tools nowadays. Really useful course for those who love data and want to gain technical proficiency in it. Those tools can be used both in your existing roles and also be very helpful in landing a new data analytics role. Thanks ACA!

Anush Saribekyan

Anush Saribekyan

Product Management and Customer experience Senior Specialist @ Ameriabank

The course was quite effective and useful. During the classes, we had the opportunity to learn not only software skills related to Data Analytics but also studied the techniques of performing the analyses themselves, which was very interesting and applicable. It was important that the course was developed based on practical examples, and our tutor made efforts and put in all the time to provide us with useful knowledge.

Ruben Gevorkyan

Ruben Gevorkyan

Assistant to commercial Director @ Bacon product

I am extremely excited that there are data analysis classes in Armenia, which give professionals the opportunity to improve their skills and go up to another level. Thank you, ACA for your work and efforts to improve the quality of education.


4 months



Course Format:

Offline or online


5 hours/week


69,000 AMD/month



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