Sergey Muradyan

Sergey Muradyan

Lead Product Designer at ACA

About the course

This introductory course is perfect for those making their very first steps in web and mobile design. The course is outlined to familiarize the students with basic principles and fundamentals in visual art and design. The students will be introduced to terminology necessary to communicate concepts and theory in art and design and teach them to create computer-based projects using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software programs.

Learning Process

Throughout the learning process, the tutor is available and always eager to answer your questions and help with any difficulties you may have. Individual assignments are based on the elements and principles of design.You will learn both the theory and practice behind the design thinking process and simultaneously advance knowledge in the processes and tools associated needed to create meaningful design concepts.




Learning Outcome

This course lays the foundation for more advanced study of web and mobile design and provides the foundation necessary for participating in our advanced UI/UX design courses.

Take a Step

Completing this course is a big step towards your final destination.

Start Creating

You will have a core set of skills that you can apply to projects.

Advance Your Knowledge

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to enroll in our advanced UI/UX course which will guarantee your future career of a UI/UX designer.

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