Anna Muradyan


About the course

This course has an aim to train and advance your knowledge in Project Management. With theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills and methods, you will learn the best Agile project management practices. The goal of the course is to give enough knowledge to kickstart or advance your career in project management. With the help of our experienced instructor, you will deepen your understanding of Agile software development, better understand how to run projects with Scrum, and get familiar with best case studies. Students will finish the course by conducting their own case studies.

Group Project

The goal of the course is to give knowledge and indispensable practice, which will become a base to help students to finish the course by conducting a case study. Working in groups does not only contribute to a better understanding of the course material but also creates a space for discussion and collaboration as a result of which students can find solutions to more complex problems.

Learning Process

The topics will be covered in a diversified but logically structured order to make the learning process as efficient as possible. Most topics in the course are accompanied by case studies intended for both in-class and homework assignments.




Get Qualified

The status of graduate of this course will allow you to continue your studies on a deeper level.

Gain practical knowledge

Students passing this course should display knowledge, ability, and behavioral skills to manage projects at an entry/mid-level in the IT industry, as well as familiarity with concepts, tools, techniques, and methodologies used.

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