20-Week Course

Uncover the secrets of building successful products with Armenian Code Academy.

What is the decision-making process and the steps that lead to the success of the product? How to envision and validate your predictions about the triumph or the failure of a new undertaking or a feature in the product? Do you recognize the needs of your customers? What are the business intricacies that will help the product prosper in the market?

Armenian Code Academy’s specialized course has the answers!
Product management veterans from renowned companies such as Amazon, Google and Discovery will be your guides to the Silicon Valley culture and will equip you with the core skills and tools to become an outstanding professional.

Who is this course for?

- Anyone looking to get a job in Product Management
- Anyone transitioning into Product Management from different fields
- Already established Product Managers who want to advance their skillset
- Entrepreneurs looking to master the product development process

What’s great about it?

- We will focus on the discovery part of the discipline, bringing to light the invisible part of the iceberg
- We will cover topics from ideation to market research, from technologies to data-driven technics
- We will work on real-world projects practicing delivery activities, leadership and all the cool stuff we’ve learned together

Who are the experts?

- You'll be getting a condensed knowledge transfer from Product Management veterans from renowned companies such as Amazon and Google.
- The course is designed by Rafayel Mkrtchyan, a University of California, Berkeley graduate with over 6 years of experience in Product Management, software engineering, business operations and strategy.

Various fields

Our tutors will introduce the discipline from different perspectives, presenting the Technological, Design, Financial, Market and Strategic aspects of Product Management.


The course will launch on August 26. Due to the amount of material to be covered, the classes will be held 4 times a week lasting 2-4 hours.


Successful graduates of this course will become highly competitive professionals and will have the chance to get hired by partner companies of ACA.

Course Syllabus

  • Empowering Product Success
  • The Product Manager Role
  • Empowering People
  • Redefining Product Success
  • The Discovery Process
  • The Delivery Process
  • Bringing the Knowledge of the Customer
  • Bringing the Knowledge of the Market
  • Bringing the Knowledge of the Business
  • Bringing the Knowledge of the Industry
  • Bringing the Knowledge of the Data
  • Food for Thoughts
  • The Decision Process in Product Management
  • The Product Leadership Role
  • Building Strong Product Teams
  • Defining and Tracking Product Objectives and Outcomes
  • Product Vision and Evangelism
  • Managing the Business Strategy
  • Finance for Product Managers
  • Transitioning to Product Management from Other Roles
  • Product Management at Google
  • Influencing Without Bet-based Decision Making

  • Additional Discussions

  • Introduction to UX Design for Product Managers
  • Introduction to Software Engineering for Product Managers
  • Introduction to Agile Delivery for Product Managers

Why Product Management

Great products are the moving force of every tech company and the role of Product Managers cannot be emphasized enough. Speaking in numbers, there are over 17,000+ vacant Product Manager positions worldwide and the number is increasing at an insane rate. In fact, CBS News enlists the position of a Product Manager as one of the top 9 jobs in America for 2018. The Armenian tech industry, being no exception, stands in great need of Product Managers. But how to get started in the field and acquire one of the best-paid professions of the modern world? Luckily, we are launching a mega course that will walk you through the path of becoming a successful Product Manager in IT. Note: Selected candidates will be provided with full or partial scholarships.

frequently asked questions

What preliminary experience is needed?

Students aren't required to know anything beforehand - we'll teach you the fundamentals, how to develop into an advanced product manager, and finally how to maximize your chances to get a job as a Product Manager.

Can students participate in this course ?

Yes, enrollment is open to everyone. But keep in mind that the course will require a lot of effort and commitment which, combined with university studies might be quite overwhelming.

How will the selection process be organized ?

The candidates will be shortlisted based on their background/motivation, logical test and a final interview.

What’s the schedule of classes ?

The course will start on August 17. Due to the amount of material to be covered, the classes will be held 4 times a week lasting 2 hours.

In which language will the course be held?

The course will be taught in English.

Is there any age restriction ?

No, there isn’t.


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