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About the course

This course covers the fundamentals of Node.js before diving deep into algorithms, practical problems and the great tools that will help you solve them. The goal is turn you into a professional Node.js developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications. After the succesful completion of the course best students will get recruited by our partner companies.

Learning Process

Lessons consist of lectures and in-class assignments, during which students work in groups, under the guidance of teaching assistants. Students are given weekly homework assignments and have online access to the lecture materials and the readings assigned by the tutor. Throughout the learning process both the tutor and the teaching assistants are available and always eager to answer the student’s questions and help with any difficulties they might have.




Group Project

Our teaching program is outlined for the students to gradually reach the preassigned goal of the course which is project implementation. Working in groups does not only contribute to a better understanding of the course material, but also creates a space for discussion and collaboration as a result of which students are able to find solutions to more complex problems.

Get Certified

After graduation you will receive a certificate highly valued among the leading IT companies.

Enhance Portfolio

At the end of the course we will help you create your personal portfolio.

Get Hired

Successfully graduated students will receive job offers with highly competitive salaries from the leading IT companies of Armenia.

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