Davit Margaryan

Robert Hovsepyan

Devops Engineer at Fyllo

About the course

This course is designed for those who wish to get specialized in DevOps, one of the most rapidly developing tech specializations nowadays.

In today’s technological world delivering high quality and fast IT solutions is a primary goal for companies. Discovering, fixing, and preventing critical issues is a crucial component for successful software. DevOps combines software development and IT operations, it shortens system development life cycle and provides continuous delivery with high software quality. Companies rely on the DevOps concept to manage their expectations and problems effectively.

The course is mainly designed for system administrators, support engineers and software engineers who want to go deep into the details of DevOps.

Course program has been developed based on the requirements of leading IT companies, which will guarantee your future employment and professionalism in the field.

Learning Process

Lectures and seminars are important components of our teaching method. After each lesson, students receive homework and lecture materials, which are available online on their personal account.

In the last week of the course students will work on specific projects and enhance their practical skills.

What you'll learn

  • How DevOps help the software development life cycle
  • How to manage the infrastructure using automation tools and code.
  • DevOps best practices.

The course starts on May 18th. Classes will be held 2 times per week each Tuesday and Saturday.

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Group Project

Our teaching program is outlined for the students to gradually reach the preassigned goal of the course which is project implementation. Working in groups does not only contribute to a better understanding of the course material, but also creates a space for discussion and collaboration as a result of which students are able to find solutions to more complex problems.

Get Certified

After graduation you will receive a certificate highly valued among the leading IT companies.

Enhance Portfolio

At the end of the course we will help you create your personal portfolio.

Get Hired

Successfully graduated students will receive job offers with highly competitive salaries from the leading IT companies of Armenia.

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