Do I need this course?

This course is for managers and entrepreneurs who want to UNDERSTAND tech.
If you have a team, a project, or a company, for which some of the product is related to tech then it is a great advantage for you to understand the tech involved because it will help you better manage the team.
How to communicate with your programmers better about the technical parts of the project? Do the programmers that you are managing or hiring use the best technologies to build the necessary app? Is the programmer in your team, who keeps saying he is working on a difficult problem working efficiently or is he being lazy?How easy is it to build the feature you want?
If answering any of these questions would make your project more successful then this is the course for you! And these all are questions you can answer after completing our course!

What will I learn in the course?

You will learn about the internet, how it's built and how operates. You will learn about the current programming technologies and what problems they can solve. You will learn about frameworks, mobile development, algorithms, languages and even some programming yourself. After finishing the course you will be perfectly able to interact with the programmers and even solve some problems yourself.

This course will let you make the best decisions for the prosperity of your project or company.

How are meetings organized? Can I join if I have a full time job?

Yes. We have designed the course for full time managers or entrepreneurs who want to boost their tech skills and understanding. The course will consist of lectures and interactive workshops so you can practice and master what you are learning. We will meet once or twice on weekday evenings. In addition we will meet once on Saturday on Sunday for our practice day.

Get Certified

After graduation you will receive a certificate highly valued among leading IT companies.

Start coding

At the end of this course you will be able to solve various programming problems.

Become an expert

Manage your team like a tech pro!

Duration: 3 months
Classtime: 8 hours/week
Price: 65,000
Level: Beginner

Course Syllabus

Overview of the Tech World
Software Development Processes
Internet and Web Systems
    > Clients (frontend)
    > Servers (backend)
    > APIs
Overview of Languages and Technologies
    > JavaScript: Node, Angular, React
    > Java
    > Python: Django
    > PHP: Laravel, Symfony, Yii
    > C/C++
    > C#: .Net
    > Web design: HTML/CSS
    > Mobile: Android, iOS
    > QA: Selenium
Data & Databases
Intro to Hardware


3 Hakob Hakobyan, Yerevan, Armenia.


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