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Starting soon at ACA:Introduction to JavaScript, Introduction to Python, Introduction to Data Analytics, UX/UI Design A-Z, IT Project Management, Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science, Introduction to C#.



Armenian Code Academy is the leading tech bootcamp in Armenia

Here at ACA we are passionate about educating new specialistsand ensuring their professional self-realization, thus, supportingthe market and the progress in Armenia’s technological future.

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Partnership formats

Internship programs

Intensive short-term training programs developed based on your technical requirements.

Internal trainings

A wide range of technology trainings for your current or newly hired employees.

Graduate Partner

Attract ACA graduates who's ready to contribute from the day 1.


Internship programs

Customized for your needs

In 3-6 months we prepare strong junior developers who are already familiar with your technologies, products and culture. You participate in all the crucial parts of course design: curriculum development, tutor selection and graduates assessment.

Employer branding campaign

ACA will initiate a massive PR campaign promoting your employer brand among professionals from your target audience. Advertising materials (video production, design and texts) are included.


How to start your internship with ACA?

1. Describe your stack and ACA will design the curriculum

2. Approve the curriculum and suggested tutor candidacy

3. Approve already screened and selected students for the course

4. Make a mid-course office tour

5. Assess graduates and hire the best performers

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Internal Trainings

Bring cutting edge technologies

Intensive trainings on new technologies and methodologies you want to implement in your company, including data science, software engineering, UX/UI design, project management etc.

Strengthen team competencies

Strengthen your senior people with management skills.

Changing technology stack

We will take your current teams to a new level, teaching specific frameworks, helping to switch to another domain, and even new programming language.

Graduate Partner

Access to the best juniors

Becoming ACA Graduate Partner will give you an opportunity to hire from all ACA courses whenever you need to without additional costs and spending time on attracting and screening cold candidates.

Access to all-time graduates

Graduate Partners can publish their job openings in a biweekly ACA Digest spreading among 3.000+ graduates we trained during last 6 years.


Industry Testimonials

Tigran Sargsyan

Tigran Sargsyan

Director of Engineering, ML at Krisp

Arsen Babayan

Arsen Babayan

Director of Engineering at Adobe

Narek Gevorgyan

Narek Gevorgyan

CEO at Coinstats

Matevos Ghazaryan

Matevos Ghazaryan

Head of Mobile at Helix

“All the superb performers had practiced intensively, had studied with devoted teachers, and had been supported enthusiastically by their families throughout their developing years (Benjamin Bloom). ”

Armenian Code Academy (ACA) is an educational hearth and home of the current reality that provides such an environment. ACA’s graduates are taking key Machine Learning R&D positions at Krisp and other progressive companies. In continuous collaboration with ACA we’re expecting to onboard another dozen of specialists who will change the communication world with Krisp tomorrow!

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