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Intensive IT courses with subsequent employment and competitive salary.

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We provide classes in the most cutting-edge IT professions.





Our certificates are well-recognized and highly valued among Armenian IT companies.


Our graduates receive job offers with highly competitive salaries from the best IT companies.

High quality IT education!

Our unique educational system is based on a special platform and completed with highly qualified lecturers and mentors accompanying students throughout the entire training. To prepare for further employment each student will participate in real projects and the best will receive a 100% discount on the tuition.

Courses for beginners {Lvl 0}

Specialized courses {LVL 1}

Advanced Courses {LVL 2}

Coding Bootcamps

Frequently Asked Questions
Sure you can! Please, consider applying to our introductory courses. We have Introduction to Programming course in C++ and JS.
  • First of all you should register on the web page (after registration you’ll get an email where you can find date, time and the place of exam)
  • Then you take exam
  • Meet for a short and informal interview
  • After you can be enrolled in the class
You will be informed about the results in two week time after the exam. Sometimes it can take us three week.
The cost of each training is different. you can learn more details about our costs on the website, on each course separate page
It is not necessary but preferable. We can provide you with a notebook to work during the classes and at ACA if needed. The iOS course is an exception, you will get the Macbook for your own use if you will need one.
For more details please, see the corresponding page: http://aca.am/hy/ios.html
We arrange interviews with our partner IT companies for students who complete the courses successfully. We can not guarantee you’ll get the job, but chances are high.
No, we don’t have any private lessons.

Expert Opinion

Arsen Babayan

Director of Engineering at Workfront

ACA has been a central piece to Workfront's talent intake in Armenia. Within a span of 1,5 years and for three successive internship programs, they have provided Workfront with inflow of great talent resulting in 10 hires from the first two, 9 of which are still with the company and performing either well or outstanding. ACA's attention to the quality of their service and continuous improvement of their training curriculum have placed them well as one of the most important partners of Workfront in the talent market around the globe.

Narek Gevorgyan

CEO Inomma

   The great thing about Armenian Code Academy is that all the courses are created to cover most of the software engineering demands. Those guys are pushing our less developed education system to reach the IT, which is growing dramatically. I'm sure all successful graduates will have a choice from a few job offers.

Our Partners

We collaborate with the best Armenian IT companies. Educational courses are strictly compliant with company requirements. Each course contains three assessment days, during which interviews with future employers are organized. Successfully graduated students will receive jobs with high salaries and financial compensation amounting to 100% of the course fee.

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P: +374 (12) 48-16-32
E: info@aca.am

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